Economic and Legislative Update

Economic & Legislative Update Monday March 23, 2020 at 11:00 AM

Join AmericanHort’s Craig Reggelbrugge, Sr. VP of Advocacy & Research and Chief Economist Dr. Charlie Hall who will provide updates on the latest legislative activity and general state of the U.S. economy considering the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Craig will speak about federal relief programs; the status of labor processing and collaborative work being done to keep horticultural business open. He will share available resources through the AmericanHort Coronavirus Resource Center, including assets available to share to help spread the message of the benefits of plants.

Charlie will give an overall forecast for this year’s nursery, greenhouse and landscape sectors. Charlie will also discuss the implications of COVID-19 including the likely macro-level impacts on the economy, the policy tools being utilized to combat the negative effects on the economy, the likelihood of recession, and the micro-level strategies that green industry firms need to embrace immediately to position themselves to weather the impending downturn successfully.

There will be time for questions and answers.

Brought to you by AmericanHort and the National Landscape Association Executives (NLAE)